Many of you know how hard it is to buy a horse in the horse world today. It's very hard to find that..."just right fit" and even harder to trust the person who is selling a horse. I know a few people I respect but only one person in the horse world that I respect and trust everything he has to say!
This beautiful horse is for sale and I put my seal of approval on 100% ~ Drew of TWSSH

He belongs to a very good friend of mine and his wife.
Junior was owned, raised and trained by the same person since he was 2 years of age. By the way...Congratulations to the two of you on the upcoming birth of your baby due this fall! God bless you both and may everything go well and safe!!
Here is Juniors info folks...He is located in the Shelbyville Tenn. area
Registered name: Blue Skies Bold Sun
Barn name: Junior
Age: 14
Height: 15 hands
Sex: gelding
Price: $3500
Junior is a been there done that horse that has been owned and trained by the same woman since he was started at 2 years old. He neck reigns, backs, bathed, clips, has no vices. Even stands still for mounting. Lol. Anyone would be lucky to own a horse of this quality. The only reason for selling is we have too many horses and she has a 2 yr old that she is fixing to start riding that she raised so she said it's time for someone else to enjoy him. Don't let his age scare you because even tho he is 14 Junior looks and acts like a 5 year old. This horse can go all day everyday. He is in incredible shape.
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Video on it's way!

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